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CupCakesForMyBirthday_XOXOPublishing_6x9Cover300dpi    I am very pleased to welcome fellow author and reviewer Venus Cahill to my blog today. Venus has chosen to answer my questions.

1       Daisy : How long have you been writing?

Venus: I’ve been writing stories since I could hold a crayon.

2        Daisy: Have you always wanted to write?

Venus: I’ve always written but when I was very young I wanted to be a hair dresser or a cruise director or flight attendant but then I saw Romancing the Stone and realized that I was already a writer.

3        Daisy: Are you a plotter or pantster writer?

Venus: I try to plot, really I do but I’m a total pantser and sometimes a big old procrastinator.

4        Daisy: What do you enjoy most about writing?

Venus: I love bringing my characters to life. I love getting to introduce them and give them the adventures they deserve.

5        Daisy: Do you have a favorite affirmation on writing?

Venus: My fav is AIC! (Butt in Chair! Because if you don’t actually sit in that chair and write you aren’t a writer. But I do wish I could come up with a way to give myself more hours in the day.

6        Daisy: If you have experienced rejection as a writer, how did you deal with it?

Venus: I believe all writers deal with rejection and I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt but you just have to grow a thicker skin and keep moving forward because this too shall pass and I remind myself that it isn’t the worst thing to have happened in my life.

7        Daisy: What is the most difficult aspect of writing for you?

Venus: Finishing. I have tons of ideas constantly floating around in my head but I have to remain focused and complete one story at a time. Fifteen unfinished stories are great but a completed one is so much better.

8        Daisy: Early rising lark or night lover owl?

Venus: I’m definitely a night owl yet working for a living leaves me no choice but to be an early riser.

9        Daisy: What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?

Venus: I love to read and I love to learn.

10    Daisy: Do you think you will still be writing in ten years time?

Venus: Most definitely. I will be writing until I draw my last breath. If I cannot hold a pen I will simply write in my head as I did before I learned to hold a crayon.

You can blame my parents for my love of reading and my personality! My first vivid memory is of my mother sitting me down on the potty with a book in my hands. Ever since then I will read anything available including extremely outdated magazines and shampoo bottles (rinse and repeat). As far as my personality, when you are named for an amatory Roman Goddess you can’t help but start reading Harlequin novels when your classmates are still reading Judy Blume.When I was a teen my father used to yell at me to get outside in the fresh air and I would have to sneak a book down my pant-leg, which was no easy task seeing as I was (and still am) a supreme klutz who trips over her own feet at least twice a day.
I usually have a minimum of four books on the go at the same time. I read fiction and non-fiction anything I can get my hands on; I love kilted hotties, demons with hearts of gold, and shape shifting Alpha males. My favorite heroines are curvy gals, after all I find them easy to relate to. However my favorites are happily-ever-after romances.

I will be giving away a few copies of my ebook and all you have to do is email venusbookluvrATyahooDOTcom and tell me what your favorite cupcake is for a chance to win.

Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read my post. I enjoyed visiting with you and look forward to getting to know you. Please join me at one or all of my social media sites.

Venus Cahill

~ Where the Curvy girl gets her man~!/venusbookluvr


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ISBN: 978-1-927027-53-0

Karen is a curvy girl who leads a rather staid life that is until she decides to get a tattoo on her birthday. Now she finds herself experiencing more excitement than she has ever had in her entire life. Hunter has been fantasizing about his new neighbour for months but he can’t tell if she’s just too shy or not interested. When she walks into his tattoo parlour he decides that it’s finally time to find out and to make his move. Can two people from different worlds come together and find true love?

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           Without warning, he swooped in and gave me a quick squeeze before going back to his food. “Cupcakes. Everybody deserves cupcakes for their birthday!”

I was torn. I wanted to tell him that today wasn’t actually my birthday, but I didn’t want to make him feel embarrassed over his sweet gesture, so I decided to settle in and enjoy the time I had with him. If it was possible, we had somehow gotten closer as the movie progressed. Hunter stretched his arm casually over the back of the sofa and around my shoulders. He’d shown a genuine interest in me. I found myself telling him how I’d moved here on a whim, looking for something different, but ended up living almost exactly as I had before, although now I had no family or close friends around. I found out he was as much of a workaholic as I, choosing to spend most of his time at the shop and only really working on his car as a hobby.

“I don’t tend to go out very often either. Don’t tell anyone but I’d much rather stay home and watch my sci-fi DVD collection. My brother Jesse, thinks I’m an old fuddy duddy, but I’m just not into the party scene. I’m two years older than he but he makes me feel like we’re more like two decades apart.”

Hunter’s eyes sparkled as he laughed, “I went to a club with him last week and I swear my ears are still ringing. It was so loud and I didn’t enjoy myself at all. All these women were screaming in my ear, trying to talk to me and yet I couldn’t hear a thing. How the heck are you supposed to meet someone when you can’t even talk to them?”

My first reaction was that he was obviously feeding me a line but he was so genuine about everything else, I didn’t know why he would lie about it. “I’m too shy to even approach someone at a club, even if I could bring myself to go. But you’re right, there is no way you can actually carry on a conversation with anyone with all the noise.” I felt the blush rise up my face and I smirked before continuing, “But I doubt most of the people going there are looking for a relationship, although I’m sure many of them get exactly what they are looking for. There had to have been a lot of beautiful women there willing to get to know you better.”

I was expecting him to joke about it but his gorgeous eyes were so serious, “I’m not going to lie, I could have definitely had company that night, had I wanted it. It’s not like I’m a priest, but I had someone else on my mind. In fact I’ve had someone else on my mind for about four months.”

“You really mean that don’t you?” I shouldn’t have been so surprised as I was practically cuddled into his side.

He frowned but then smiled, “You’re amazing! You are so sweet, so real and you really don’t play games. Your emotions are right there, displaying on your face, your beautiful face.” I fought the urge to pull away when he gently traced the freckles on my cheek, across the bridge of my nose and onto the next cheek. His fingers were slightly rough but his touch was so slight, it was almost reverent. I’d never felt so nervous in my whole life, I actually held my breath and forced myself to keep from breaking eye contact with him. My stomach fluttered and I hadn’t even realized I’d leaned forward. “I can read exactly how you are feeling in your eyes, so expressive, so beautiful.”

Many thanks for blogging here today, Venus. I do hope lots of readers tell you all about their favorite cupcakes. Here is the address again to remind everyone you can win a copy of this scrumptious book.

I will be giving away a few copies of my ebook and all you have to do is email venusbookluvrATyahooDOTcom and tell me what your favorite cupcake is for a chance to win.


9 thoughts on “Guest Post from Venus Cahill

  1. Hi Venus,
    I love that you started writing since you could hold a crayon. That’s Karma or something like that. But I don’t understand how you can read four books at a time. I’d love to be able to do that, but I’m afraid it would confuse me too much. With my luck, the hunky Navy Seal would end up flying through the solar system with a vampire or dragon. I’d get them all mixed up.
    Have you ever tried a Key Lime cupcake? Love those.
    Great excerpt. It does sound like a fun book.

  2. Hi, ladies. Very fun interview. Venus, I love your name….and I loved that story about sneaking books outside when you were a kid. I’ve always been a bookworm too 🙂

    I admit I’m not much of a cupcake person (I prefer pie), but let’s see….I’d probably like something lemony, cherry or pineapple with cream frosting. I enjoyed your excerpt. It sounds like a fun read!

    • Hi Mae Clair
      thanks for being here. Venus is travelling today she’s somewhere in Canada and I know her internet connection is
      on and off, but she may come in at some point.
      Kimber thanks to you too for dropping by, its lovely to see you here
      Hight there Em Epe, nice to see you.
      I have to say I’ve only ever eaten fruit based cupcakes, never one of the frosted and decorated ones. I think its
      time I lived a little and tried one.

  3. Wonderful interview Venus! The beauty of cupcakes, you can several different kinds all at one time! You as always write spectacular characters!

  4. Mmm… cupcakes… I recently discovered Red Velvet cupcakes. They’re moist, dark and deeply chocolately, and usually with a cream cheese frosting to counteract the sweetness…. Definitely my favourite right now 🙂

    Looks like a fun book 🙂

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