Writing by moon rhythms.

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                                                   crescent moon


I know some of you who know me well might be shaking your head at the title of this piece and thinking, ‘She’s lost it completely’. But no, I haven’t, honestly, I promise.

I have been living by moon rhythms for years. I think most of us do it and are sometimes unaware we do. Some years ago I used to garden far more than I can now. These days I like gardening in small bits, planting up baskets and hangers, pots and tubs or even little herb baskets. Most of us in the UK are small scale gardeners, our garden plots being smaller in general than those in other parts of the world. By the way for those of you in the USA who refer to your veggie plot as your garden and the rest as something else, in the UK it’s all garden, veggies or flowers, it’s a garden. 

I’m not a landscape style gardener. They deal with orchards and groves, arbors and other such lovely things. If you ever meet a UK gardener who talks of wide spaces or acres, you’ll know they are either very rich or extraordinary lucky.

Like a lot of gardeners, over the years I discovered my plants did best when I put them in with the waxing moon. That’s when the moon is getting rounder as the month progresses from the new moon. The little plants thrived produced flowers quicker. I was very pleased and satisfied with my progress as a gardener with all this going on.

I also discovered if I weeded in the waning of the moon, when it is shrinking from the full, with me usually muttering at the persistent blackberry trying to choke everything else in the garden the results were good. The weeds didn’t seem to come back as quickly, and though I never actually got rid of every single last bit of blackberry, something I wouldn’t do anyway, it tended to remain in its designated corner, the new spiny growth curling round on itself.

Well, moving on in time a little, I discovered writing. I also found if I write ‘full on’ during the waxing moon, I write more. By ‘full on’ I mean, total concentration, no skipping off to read the newspaper on-line, no looking at emails from friends, or looking for holidays in exotic places I can’t afford to go, just several hours of writing, or as much as my fingers will stand. Sometimes it goes that way. I love it. I get so lost in the world of my characters I have to be recalled like a wandering spirit, reminded I’m not in that realm with them. Usually this reminder is in the form of my husband making noises in the need to be fed.

My husband does many things to help me, but sadly he needs instructions to cook and the results are sometimes debatable, but don’t let him know I said so.

Along with the joys of waxing moon writing I have also found if I edit my writing in the waning moon, when the moon is shrinking back, it doesn’t seem so hard or painful. Yes, editing can be painful. To take out chunks of work you may have agonized over, and now they are redundant, or useless, it hurts. The waning moon makes the process flow more easily.

I would love to know if other writers find they work best in the waxing moon, or edit best in the waning moon. Do any of you find your garden flourishes best when you plant with the moon growing rounder or weed with the moon diminishing? Do let me know.

Have a good day.


Daisy Banks



8 thoughts on “Writing by moon rhythms.

  1. I find my garden has been growing better now that the groundhog is among the dearly departed. LOL I do know what you mean by tailoring activities to the moon phases, though, I seem to get a lot done and have better concentration before the moon goes full. Great post!

  2. Interesting insight, Daisy. I enjoyed your blog and plan to monitor my writing related to the moon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Interesting post, Daisy…I’lll have to send you crit work during the waning moon to make it easier! And I know when I send it, it ain’t easy! LOL

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