Share some Solstice joy.

Today I invite you to share some solstice joy with me. The dawn I welcomed here in Shropshire proved rather grey and damp but the morning mist made it magical. The fields around the village I live in are a majestic sight, filled with scarlet poppies blossoming amidst the crops. The hedgerows are full of white May blossom still and ox-eye daisies stand tall. Pink Jill-over-the-ground sprawls in the dry stone walls and spears of purple loose-strife bow their heads with the weight of the dew.

Being an early riser I didn’t find it too hard to be ready and waiting for the day to begin. The sounds are one of the best parts of dawn here; the cooing doves are soon drowned out by the chatter of sparrow chicks nesting in the eves, and black-bird song from the tree at the end of the garden announces the day.

Not only is today the longest day of the year here, it’s also officially the happiest day of the year, or so I’ve been told. A good day to look back and think on the positive and things I’ve enjoyed so far this year. Working on my writing has continued to be a learning journey, the publication of my latest story a pleasure, meeting and working with other authors on blogs and websites has been fun too. I’m really pleased to say some of them have agreed to blog for me here. I’m very excited about that. Thanks to Sara-Jayne Townsend who posted yesterday. If you read my blog regularly you have lots to look forward to, Nerine Dorman, jj Keller, Roseanna Leo, Allyson Lindt, Sophia Grey, Layne Macadam, Rhona La Print and Mary Murray, acquiring editor from Lyrical Press, are all blogging here over the summer. Do stop by and check out their posts. Oh, and it would be great if you read mine too!


One last bit of happiness for me to share with you. Please do go and read the review of my story Your Heart My Soul. Venus Cahill is a new and independent reviewer, and my goodness she made me blush.

Wishing you joy this Solstice.


Daisy Banks.


13 thoughts on “Share some Solstice joy.

  1. Downunder it’s winter solstice. To celebrate the longest day I stayed in bed till late, making up for your early rising Daisy. Good luck with your new blog. Great review. Keep writing. .

  2. I agree with all the ladies, wonderful description. I, too, lived in the UK (Scotland) for two years and your post brought back wonderful memories. Lovely!

  3. I wish you a lovely Solstice too, Daisy, and wish I was with you to celebrate. I’m in sunny Canada, but love England. Thanks for mentioning me in your post. Best of luck with your work!

  4. Wonderful blog, Daisy. Thank you for the mention. I look forward to posting and having you visit my blogspots. Shout out to Mary, the best editor at Lyrical.

  5. Daisy, you painted a beautiful picture of Shropshire. It sounds quaint and beautiful and I would love to linger there and soak up all those sights and sounds. Thanks for sharing the solstice day with us.

    And that is some fab review on Your Heart, My Soul. Congrats. I love the sound of the this novel and will be adding it to my TBR list!

  6. What a lovely reflection on today. I used to live in London and this was indeed the longest day of the year. Being able to sit on our patio and enjoy daylight until nearly 11 PM was magical. You’ve done it justice with your words.

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